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Charlie Waller Trust has been working for over 20 years to improve people’s awareness and understanding of mental health.

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

There is a wealth of empirical evidence showing that organisations with a culture of positive mental health, and with strategies in place to support the mental health and wellbeing of their people, enjoy greater employee engagement, higher productivity and better staff retention.

So a compelling business case exists for organisations to take a strategic and proactive approach in this area.

However, the human arguments are equally strong. For many of us, our work is a central pillar of our lives, so success and fulfilment matter, and the perceived need to be strong and to perform is deeply embedded. But it can be a source of stress – stress that can spill over into our personal lives - and, particularly if mental health challenges may be causing us to withdraw from normal social interactions at home, our colleagues may represent our main source of regular contact with others.

So the moral imperative for organisations to embed a culture of awareness, understanding and support around mental health, and to create an environment where people can look after their own wellbeing and be effectively supported by their colleagues, is beyond doubt.

Both the human cost of poor mental health, and the cost to the business, are well summarised in the 2017 Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers, ‘Thriving at Work’.

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Our approach

The current Covid-19 crisis has turned a new spotlight onto mental health in the workplace and will continue to do so as we move forward.  It has created unprecedented challenges for employers and employees. Now, more than ever, we need to be focussing on protecting the mental health in the workplace.

Our approach is to advocate developing a culture which supports mental health and wellbeing in all areas of the workplace.  This involves developing preventative and proactive as well as reactive initiatives. We focus on helping organisations to implement practical, relevant, effective and evidence-based practices and procedures that can make a tangible and sustainable difference.

We will collaborate with you to ensure that the work we do with you is fully relevant to and appropriate for your organisation.

Board level presentations and senior leadership consultation

Meeting with senior leaders to identify organisational challenges and provide recommendations on the strategic direction for organisational wellbeing. Provision of consultation and evaluation of activities to help set and support the strategic direction.

Training programme

During the current situation, we are delivering all our training online via Zoom until further notice.

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace
1 hour non-interactive facilitator-led session for up to 99 people

• To improve mental health awareness
• To explore stress and how this may affect us
• To look at ways of looking after our mental wellbeing; acknowledging we are all facing lots of uncertainty at the current time

Mental Health in the Workplace, Module 1: Mental Health Awareness
A 2.5-hour interactive session for all staff. Maximum 18. This session goes into greater depth and includes a range of learning methods and opportunities to work in small groups.

• To improve mental health awareness
• To look at how common mental health difficulties might impact on work
• Explore stress and how this may affect us and our teams
• To look at ways of looking after our mental wellbeing; acknowledging the impact of Coronavirus

This training is for staff at all levels in the organisation to learn how to talk about, manage and look after their own mental health, recognise mental health difficulties in others and contribute to an environment that supports good mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace module 2: Skills for Line Managers
This 3-hour workplace is a follow-on session from module 1 and is designed to provide additional skills for line managers. It is expected that participants will attend module 1 before module 2. Maximum 12.

This highly interactive session includes a range of learning methods and opportunities to work in small groups.

Areas covered:
• Understanding the role of the line manager in dealing with staff mental health
• Early recognition of mental health difficulties.
• How to have conversations about mental health, with reference to the current situation and return to the workplace
• Practical strategies to support employee mental health
• How to create a culture which supports positive mental health and wellbeing within their team and the workplace


We have a series of 30-minute webinars. These are generally for up to 99 participants. 

  • Working from Home: your Wellbeing Action Plan
  • Life After Lockdown: your Wellbeing Action Plan
  • Preparing for Change (There is also a longer 60 minute version of this)
  • Being kind to yourself; the importance of self-compassion, taking breaks and digital wellbeing.
  • An introduction to Mindfulness
  • Eating Disorders

We can also deliver short (30 -60) minute webinars for up to 99 participants on a particular topic relevant to your organisation. These are ideal for a lunchtime talk or as part of a team meeting.


We have a range of resources to support our training.

Managing mental health in the workplace: Skills for Line managers
This workbook accompanies the Line Manager training

Protecting and supporting your staff’s mental health: A line manager’s guide to the coronavirus crisis.

Quick tips for Line Managers on protecting and supporting the mental health of employees working from home.

Wellbeing action plans
Wellbeing Action Plans (adapted from Mary-Ellen Copleand’s WRAP) can be used by anybody interested in looking after their mental wellbeing. They are also a useful tool for managers to use to help staff members protect their mental health while at work or returning from a period of sickness absence.

Working from home: your wellbeing Action plan

Life after lockdown: your wellbeing Action Plan

Our trainers

All trainers have expertise in mental health and are clinicians, academics, teachers, business people, or have lived experience of mental health problems. We aim to match our trainers carefully to each organisation, based on the trainer’s experience, background and personality, and on the organisation’s specific needs.

We work to the recognised evidence base and standards laid out by relevant organisations including NICE, Health & Safety Executive, Mindful Employer, Business in the Community and Acas. This ensures that our trainers deliver safe, evidence-based and supportive sessions.

We understand that some of the training content may have a triggering effect on some attendees, so we always encourage staff to take responsibility for their own self-care and, take a break from the sessions if needed, returning as they wish. Whilst our overall offer does not include one-on-one support for employees, our trainers will always build in time for individuals to approach them after the sessions and will offer general advice and signposting as appropriate.

Guest speakers

We can offer a range of guest speakers for organisations’ events. However, we firmly believe that these talks should be delivered alongside, rather than being a substitute for, a comprehensive programme of training.


The majority of our work is enabled through fundraising, and many organisations who benefit from our workplace training either make corporate donations or engage in workplace fundraising activities for Charlie Waller. This enables us to continue and extend our wider work supporting young people in schools, colleges and universities, so helping to create a mentally healthy workforce for the future.

Recommended donations:

  • Full day: £750
  • Half day and under: £375

Thriving at Work

The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers

Read the review

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