Why mental health matters at work

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The landscape of the workplace and employee expectations are changing rapidly, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its after-effects. As we move towards the ‘new normal’ of working life, fresh insights and solutions – grounded in a rich understanding of mental wellness and human behaviour – are needed to bolster essential feelings of connection, purpose and belonging in the workplace.

Key questions about mental health

Now is the time to ask the important mental health questions – and take steps to find

  • Are you worried about a rise in stress and mental health-related absence,
    presenteeism, or reduced engagement within your business?
  • Are you concerned about the impact of remote working on your people and the
    process of re-integration or moving towards a hybrid model, or simply about
    supporting them through significant change?
  • Are you looking to establish a higher performance culture, for which positive
    mental health and wellbeing are key?
  • Are you confident that you fully understand the particular mental health
    challenges that your younger people face at work?
  • Do you wish to do everything you can to support the mental health and
    wellbeing of your people?

How it works

We offer both long-term partnerships and one-off training courses and tailored consultancy services to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you choose to become a Charlie Waller Workplace Partner or opt for our individual training courses, we will help you explore the routes to positive mental health – and how to spot and respond to the warning signs.

The first step to understanding the mental health of your people, and helping them to be as mentally strong, resilient and supported as possible, is a conversation with us.

Workplace statistics

Workplace statistics



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Man smiling at colleague

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