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Free guides and workbooks for professionals, parents, young people and others interested in mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Listed below are our resources for those caring for or working with young people, and managers and others in the workplace. We have lots more information and practical advice about mental health in our Information section.

Five Ways to Wellbeing posters

Five posters - one for each of the Five Ways to Wellbeing: connect, give, learn, be active, take notice
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Talking about suicide

A guide for college staff developed in partnership with the Association of Colleges
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Advancing the mental health and wellbeing agenda

A guide to help senior leaders put in place measures to ensure that workplaces are mentally healthy
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Starting University

A resource for young people about to start university
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Supporting a child with anxiety

A guide for parents and carers
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Coronavirus: guide for line managers

A guide to help employers support staff mental health during Covid-19.
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Coronavirus: Quick tips for Line Managers

Tips to help line managers protect their staff’s mental health when working from home
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Wellbeing Action Plan (aged 16+)

Our new Wellbeing Action Plan is for all young people attending sixth form or college.
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Life after lockdown Wellbeing Action Plan

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have all been through enormous change and some of us may experience further uncertainty and change in the coming weeks and months
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Work from home wellbeing action plan

This is a personalised, practical tool that we can all use whether or not we have a mental health issue. There are sections for you to complete, including a positive daily plan.
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Supporting children returning to school (parents & carers)

Guidance for parents and carers on how to help your child prepare to go back to school
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Supporting children returning to school (teachers)

Guidance for school staff on how to comfort primary school pupils while maintaining social distancing
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Coping with self-harm resource

This guide includes information on the nature and causes of self-harm and how to support a young person for parents and carers
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Young people who self-harm

A guide for school staff
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How to spot and respond to unhealthy perfectionism
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Asking for help

Tips for young people on when it’s time to talk about their mental health, or if they want to help a friend
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Social media and teenagers

A practical guide for parents and carers of teenagers on using social media
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Wellbeing Action Plan (child)

A simple, resource to help young people keep themselves well and get them through difficult times
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Guide to depression for parents and carers

This booklet aims to help recognise and understand depression and how to get appropriate help for their child
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Warning signs poster

A bold A3 poster showing the warning signs that tell you when someone may be depressed. This poster could save a life.
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Patent and trade mark professionals

Protecting your mental health and wellbeing: A guide for patent and trade mark professionals
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Depression booklet

Featuring useful facts, figures and information, this booklet also contains sources of help and what not to say to people experiencing depression
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Parents guide to depression (Welsh)

This booklet aims to help parents recognise and understand depression and how to get appropriate help for their child
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Coping with self-harm (Welsh)

A guide for parents and carers in Welsh
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FE Industry specific teaching guides

Starting conversations about mental health with students in specific industries

Find out about our industry specific teaching guides

Katie was an excellent trainer, she was incredibly clever, patient, and understanding. She clearly is passionate about the topic.

from a line management service

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personable, engaging, interesting and knowledgeable

from a school tutor

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Andy was enthusiastic and passionate. Staff and pupils found the workshops engaging and informative.

from a head teacher

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Dick was excellent. He shaped his presentation to suit his audience and responded to feedback from us to adapt his video so that it was perfect for his audience

from a teacher

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Inspirational trainer who gave a powerful presentation and real, lived experience which helped me understand. Thank you Annabelle, you are making a difference to mental health

from a Year 4 teacher

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