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The aim of our training is to equip primary care professionals with the understanding, knowledge and skills required to prevent patients from developing mental health problems, and to identify and treat existing ones.

We offer training videos and toolkits that can be accessed online, and our trainers deliver workshops and conference contributions both face-to-face and via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

Our workshops are suitable for GP CPD events, GP trainees, practice teams, school nurses, specialist primary care mental health workers, medical students, family, patient and community groups and multi-disciplinary health groups including charities and voluntary groups.

This training is delivered by Dr Maryanne Freer and Dr Nicholas Smith.

Group of GPs and nurses talking

Group of GPs and nurses talking

Available workshops

1. Patients with depression: the GP consultation

Using GP cases, we introduce aids to GP consultation which assist in prescribing within brief, practical, management plans. The workshop covers:

  • Sickness certification and mental health planning.
  • Risk assessment and safety planning for patients at risk of self-harm or suicide.
  • Health anxiety management.
  • Assistance for hazardous drinkers.

2. Preventing suicide: the GP consultation

Using GP cases, consultation aids are introduced which assist with a person-centred approach to suicide risk assessment, safety planning and referral.

3. Young people’s mental health: the GP consultation

Using GP cases, aids are introduced which assist in GP consultations with young people with mental health problems. Areas covered include:

  • The detection of a mental health problem.
  • Risk management.
  • Practical management plans whilst waiting to be seen.

4. Practical CBT for the GP consultation

Using GP cases, we introduce brief CBT self-care tools which can be used in a one-off GP consultation. This may assist in consultations with patients experiencing depression and anxiety, including health anxieties.

5. Preventing medical error in general practice mental health: the GP consultation

This session uses real cases from the medical defence societies to illustrate the most common medical errors in this area. Each case is followed by root cause analysis and practical risk management strategies. Cases include patient follow-through, failure, prescribing error, ‘delayed’ diagnosis and self-harm management.

6. Postnatal depression and perinatal mental health in general practice

GPs have contact with many of the 10% of women experiencing a perinatal depression, often after the birth. GP identification and simple management can be of great assistance. Using GP cases, this workshop looks at GP-centred ways to identify women with postnatal depression and simple management options which include self-care, prescribing and referral.

Following all sessions, participants may then access two video training sessions:

GP antidepressant prescribing

Managing young people with depression

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Training for nurses

Our training equips practice nurses to care for patients with mental health problems

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