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Our teaching sessions for GPs offer expert advice on anti-depressant prescribing and consultations with young people experiencing mental health issues.

We hope you find them useful.

Expert advice on GP consultations with young people experiencing mental health issues

Teaching session 1

In this 20-minute video, practising psychiatrist and GP trainer, Dr Maryanne Freer, helps GPs:

  • Decide, in the first consultation, whether or not a young person has a mental health problem.
  • Provide some immediate help to young people and their families whilst they are waiting to be seen by a specialist.
  • Offer some simple and immediate options, including practical self-help based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).



Expert advice for GPs on prescribing antidepressants

Teaching session 2

In this 20-minute video, leading expert Prof Hamish McAllister-Williams gives practical, clinical guidance on how to optimise the use of antidepressants in primary care, including:

  • When antidepressants might be indicated.
  • Initiating treatment.
  • Using a treatment algorithm.
  • Monitoring response and adjusting medication.
  • Long term treatment and discontinuation.


Recommended e-learning for GPs

We have developed some e-learning sessions and have provided links to sessions that are appropriate for healthcare professionals working in primary care.

We have divided them into those most applicable to GPs and those for nurses, healthcare assistants and allied healthcare professionals.


The Royal College of GPs (RCGP) offer mental health courses and essential knowledge updates (EKU) for their members.

EKU Topics

Essential Knowledge Updates cover new and changing knowledge relevant to daily general practice in the UK.

You can view all Essential Knowledge Updates on the RCGP Learning portal.

EKU Hot Topics, Podcasts and Screencasts
Recommended e-learning for nurses, healthcare assistants and allied healthcare professionals

Included in the programme for nurses, healthcare assistants and allied healthcare professionals are seven e-learning units. Anyone with an NHS email can access these by registering with Health Education England’s e-learning for Healthcare (e-LfH).

Go to the e-Learning for Healthcare website

After logging in, select ‘Mental Health Awareness Programme (MHP)’ then select ‘Practice Nurses’.

The units are:

  • Managing alcohol in primary care
  • Managing drug misuse in primary care
  • Medication for mental health problems in primary care – part one
  • Medication for mental health problems in primary care – part two
  • Your patient’s journey
  • Care planning
  • Specific mental health conditions

Also available on the e-LfH website:

Mental health in primary care

After logging on, search ‘MSK in primary care’, then click on ‘MSK Primary Care (MSK)’, then click on the third option: ‘Mental health in primary care’.

Physical health in severe mental illness

The Royal College of Nursing’s Mental Health forum steering group collaborated with the Charlie Waller Trust to create this resource for nurses.

Resources for primary care

Our toolkits and guides

A Toolkit for GPs: The Mental Health Consultation (With a Young Person)

Taking care of your mental health: Looking after your own wellbeing as a health professional

Looking after your mental wellbeing: A guide for occupational health practitioners

Mental health problems in children and young people: guidance for parents and carers


Training for GPs and Practice Nurses

We offer face to face training, online training and resources that can be accessed online

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