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During the COVID-19 pandemic the Trust has offered live online training on mental health topics including ‘working from home during the current outbreak’, ‘preparing for bereavement’, ‘self-care for students with eating disorders’, ‘how to manage anxiety’ and ‘mental health awareness’. We are able to tailor these sessions to your needs. Our trainers will be happy to discuss your topic requirements with you.

About our online training sessions

One of the advantages of online sessions is that it is possible to invite larger audiences. However, we would ask that you ensure that the topic is relevant to all your attendees and their roles so that they remain engaged and derive clear benefits from the training. Although there is less scope for interaction between the trainer and those attending than there would be in a face-to-face session, we will offer a question and answer facility.

Our online sessions last a minimum of 30 minutes and we ask you to talk to your trainer about the optimum length for your session. Our minimum audience is five people.

It is best if all those attending have access to a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. We ask that the session is not recorded.

We hope you will find it helpful to have this opportunity and we would welcome your feedback on our online sessions. If they prove successful, we will continue to offer them on an ongoing basis as a supplement to our face-to-face training.

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How do I book an online training session?

To book an online training session please complete our enquiry form below.


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Attendee requirements for our digital offer

By participating in our online training all participants agree that:

They will not copy, modify, reproduce, or in any other way make use of the information, whether written, digital or otherwise. They will not record on video or audio tape, relay by videophone or other means the event delivered by the Charlie Waller Trust.

Sharing personal experience

Sharing personal experiences or ‘stories’ helps us to educate and train.

During a session, our trainers may encourage and seek out examples of personal lived experience from individuals and where appropriate may also choose to share personal stories of their own. Participants agree that this is kept confidential by all participants who hear the personal story.

I want to book a face-to-face training session

We have been carefully considering the decision to return to-face-to face training and whilst we agree that remote training sessions must continue, if and when it is felt a session cannot be delivered virtually and it is permissible to within UK government guidance, we will support a trainer’s decision to transition back to face-to-face delivery in a safe and measured way.


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