E-learning teaching pack for university staff

We have created a teaching pack that supports the University e-learning modules. They have been split into six sessions and are available to download as a PDF. 

Session 1 - Key principles

We looks at some of the key principles you will need to consider when supporting students in those informal situations
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Session 2 - Signs to look out for

An introduction to signs of deteriorating mental health
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Session 3 - Key Skills

This session identifies the skills you need to support someone who is distressed
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Session 4 - transitions

An introduction to the ways in which some students are affected emotionally when they leave home to come to university
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Session 5 - at risk or in crisis

This session focuses on how best to respond to students who are experiencing crises, and/or take risks with their, or others, wellbeing
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Session 6 - case study

A recap to bring together skills from the other sessions to provide you with a key summary of how to help students, as well as showing good practice in action through a case study
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e-learning for university staff

Keeping mental health in mind - Online learning for all college and university staff

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Dick was excellent. He shaped his presentation to suit his audience and responded to feedback from us to adapt his video so that it was perfect for his audience

from a teacher

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Gemma is easy going and relates to everyone really well. I've used Gemma before in a previous role and I knew that she would be well liked and respected due to her nursing background and great deal of experience within the mental health field

from a hospice employee

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Inspirational trainer who gave a powerful presentation and real, lived experience which helped me understand. Thank you Annabelle, you are making a difference to mental health

from a Year 4 teacher

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