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Our work with employers is driven by a belief in a ‘whole organisation’ approach that embeds a positive mental health culture, and helps employers to implement practical and relevant practices in the workplace that make a tangible and sustainable difference.

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Workplace training

Improving awareness, understanding and support around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

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Information about workplace wellbeing

Practical and evidence-based mental health information for employers

Mental health policy and plan

Read our guidance and download templates for your organisation

Dick was excellent. He shaped his presentation to suit his audience and responded to feedback from us to adapt his video so that it was perfect for his audience

from a teacher

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Gemma is easy going and relates to everyone really well. I've used Gemma before in a previous role and I knew that she would be well liked and respected due to her nursing background and great deal of experience within the mental health field

from a hospice employee

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Inspirational trainer who gave a powerful presentation and real, lived experience which helped me understand. Thank you Annabelle, you are making a difference to mental health

from a Year 4 teacher

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