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Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Understanding and supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is one of the
most pressing challenges faced by employers and line managers today.

The human cost of poor mental health, and the potential impact to businesses, is significant. Cases of stress, depression and anxiety are on the rise. COVID-19 has forced the world of work, and the ways in which we approach our working lives, to shift dramatically.

Bespoke training and consultancy support

The Charlie Waller Trust has been working for over 20 years to improve people’s awareness and understanding of mental wellbeing, providing the education and skills to build positive mental health. Through our workplace mental health programme, we offer bespoke training and consultancy to recognise and address mental health issues within individuals and teams.

Work is a central pillar of our daily lives. Now more than ever, our workplaces need to be encouraging, nurturing and open environments that allow people to reach their full potential – and speak freely about any mental health challenges they may be experiencing.

Investing in the future

By engaging with us, not only are you investing in the mental health and wellbeing of the people in your organisation today – you are also helping to create a mentally healthy workforce for the future: the income we receive from our workplace programme is used directly to fund our work in schools, colleges and universities.

Protecting and supporting the mental health of your staff is not a luxury – it’s essential. The Charlie Waller framework for mental health and wellbeing at work has been created to empower your people to build, and maintain, good mental health. Our expert team offers practical, evidence-based consultancy, training and support, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Flexible options for your business

We offer a partnership approach, working with you over a sustained period and giving you access to our full range of services. We also offer one-off training courses and tailored consultancy if that suits your organisation’s needs better.

Let’s talk mental health, together.

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The Charlie Waller framework

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Why mental health matters at work

Discover the mental health challenges that you can easily address in your workplace

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Mental health advice and expertise

Learn more about our training programmes and our unique partnership approach

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The Charlie Waller Workplace Partnership

Find out more about the benefits for you of becoming a Charlie Waller Workplace Partner

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Meet our expert team

Our workplace programme mental health training consultants are ready to help you

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Virtual conference: MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK

9am - 3.30pm, September 14th 2021 | Hear from leading experts on the latest research and strategies that work

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Information about workplace wellbeing

We have a variety of online learning materials including videos, podcasts and articles about mental health at work

Katie was an excellent trainer, she was incredibly clever, patient, and understanding. She clearly is passionate about the topic.

from a line management service

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personable, engaging, interesting and knowledgeable

from a school tutor

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Andy was enthusiastic and passionate. Staff and pupils found the workshops engaging and informative.

from a head teacher

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Dick was excellent. He shaped his presentation to suit his audience and responded to feedback from us to adapt his video so that it was perfect for his audience

from a teacher

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Inspirational trainer who gave a powerful presentation and real, lived experience which helped me understand. Thank you Annabelle, you are making a difference to mental health

from a Year 4 teacher

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