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Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy for Schools 

Mental health problems in children are rising at a concerning rate. One in six children of school age now has a diagnosable mental health problem, this having risen from one in ten in 2004 and subsequently, one in nine in 2017. 

It is therefore imperative that schools develop and implement mental health policies and procedures, to promote a safe environment for students.

Schools have an important role to play in children's mental health, acting as a source of support and information for students as well as parents and carers. However, some staff may feel out of their depth when faced with a student experiencing mental health problems.

These documents are designed to help schools to develop policies and procedures to empower staff to:

  • Spot the warning signs of mental ill health;
  • Support students in need of help;
  • Follow appropriate referral pathways and procedures.

A well-developed and effectively implemented policy can prevent students from falling through the gaps. 

The template and further information documents are customisable for each school.

Download the full pack as a zip file using the ‘download resource’ button to the right. This folder contains:

  • PART A: Guidance for writing a mental health and wellbeing policy for schools
  • PART B: A template for each school to customise their Positive Mental Health Policy and Procedures
  •  APPENDICES: Valuable resource of further information and sources of support about common mental health issues 


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