Fit for Feb for schools 2023

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We are excited to announce that Fit for Feb for Schools will be back for 2023.

Are you a teacher? Are you looking for a fun wellbeing initiative for your class or school?

Regular physical activity isn’t just good for children’s physical health - it also helps improve their brain function, sleep and energy levels, and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, we are encouraging your class to get involved with our Fit for Feb for schools challenge and raise money for mental health!

Throughout February 2023 take on one of our 28 activities as a class and raise vital funds for mental health.

Registration opens soon!

Key Information

Date: February 01 2023

Start Time: 1 February 2023

End Time: 28 February 2023

Event Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: Fundraising target of £1 per child.

For more information about this event, please contact us.

Contact us  

As there are 28 days in February, we are asking you to base your class or school's chosen activity on the number 28. Will your class walk for 28 minutes; bounce 28 times on a trampoline; or do Zumba for 28 minutes? Or come up with a 28 themed activity of their own?

We have a list of 28 suggested activities which we will send to you upon registering for the challenge to get you started on ideas.

Once you have chosen your activity, pick a day to complete the activity on during February - or why not take part in an activity each school day in February!?

We are asking each child that takes part to raise £1.  

Registration will be opening soon!

Upon registering you will receive a digital pack to support your challenge which includes; printable fundraising posters, a printable collection box, a list of 28 potential activities, a worksheet for you to complete as a class which encourages reflection on how the challenge made the class feel and information on how to pay in the funds you raise.

Please make sure your class or school takes care and remains safe throughout their Fit for Feb for schools challenge.

Help us raise awareness of mental health by sharing your images, videos, posts and tweets whilst you are completing your challenge. Don’t forget to tag the Charlie Waller Trust and use the hashtag #FitforFebforSchools.

Remember to obtain written consent from parents of all children in your photos to reproduce on social media before posting!


Please read these carefully before registering for a place.

Fit for Feb for schools 2023 (the ‘Event’)

Tuesday 1 February 2023  – Monday 28 February 2023


Participation and Fundraising

By registering your class in the Event you agree with the Charlie Waller Trust (the 'Trust') that you:

  • Will take part in Fit4Feb for schools between  1 February 2023 –  28 February 2023.
  • Will inform the Trust immediately if you are unable to take part in the Event.
  • Will pledge to raise £1 per child. 
  • Will only use lawful means to fundraise for the Trust and will not do anything that harms or is likely to harm the reputation of the Trust.
  • Agree that Gift Aid payments cannot be counted towards your fundraising pledge and instead will be considered as over and above the pledged fundraising total.
  • Give permission for your name, photograph, feedback and comments to be used free of charge in any future publicity, advertising, fundraising materials and on our social media channels and/or promotion of the Trust.

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