Partnership with NHS England and Health Education England: improving physical health of mental health patients

February 12 2021

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Improving the physical health of people with severe mental illness is the focus of new online training led by our Nurse Lead Dr Sheila Hardy.

The 32-minute training film provides guidance to primary care professionals on how to reduce the risk of people with severe mental illness dying from preventable physical conditions.

Healthcare professionals in primary care have been tasked with providing annual physical health checks to people with severe mental health issues. The film, based on training endorsed by the Royal College of Nursing, outlines best practice during these checks and in providing ongoing support.

This project has been developed by NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East, Health Education England in partnership with the Charlie Waller Trust.

Dr Sheila Hardy, practice nurse lead at the Charlie Waller Trust, said:

“It is incredibly sad that every year many people with severe mental illness are dying from preventable physical illnesses.

“We hope that this online training will enable healthcare professionals to access the information they need to provide ongoing support to those individuals who need it, and in turn reduce preventable illnesses and deaths.”

You can watch the training film here. An accompanying handout and facilitator notes are also available to download.

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