Bridge competition


Many of us are entering the winter months with our diaries uncluttered by the usual jollities. However here is a chance to have a bit of bridge fun at the same time as helping the Charlie Waller Trust.

We invite you to set up a game of Chicago Bridge or Rubber Bridge with friends. You can play face to face or online using Trickster. Please use Trickster for online so that the rules for Chicago match our face to face rules.

Sign up to the Charlie Waller Bridge Competition by donating £40 per table

Please use the reference Bridge competition 835

When you hold your game, play 12 hands (3 Chicagos) or up to three rubbers if playing Rubber Bridge.

Send in the name of the person with the highest net score, stating whether Chicago or rubber bridge played.

There will be prizes for the highest scores for both those playing Chicago and those playing Rubber Bridge.

The closing date by which scores must be sent in is January 1st 2021.


If you have any questions, please email our Fundraising Team

Charlie Waller Chicago bridge rules and scoring

Just in case you’ve not played the game before, we’ve put together a few helpful tips and tricks for you… 

  • One game of Chicago bridge consists of 4 deals.
  • On the first deal neither side is vulnerable.
  • On the next two deals the dealing side only is vulnerable.
  • On the fourth deal both sides are vulnerable.
  • Scoring is similar to Rubber Bridge except that part scores are not carried forward to the next hand. A bonus of 50 points is added to each part score.
  • So for instance 3 Spades bid and made scores 90 points +50 bonus =140. 2 Spades bid and made +1 also =140.
  • Then, for example, a game bid and made gets the trick score plus game bonus. 300 bonus for non vulnerable game 500 bonus for vulnerable game. So 5 diamonds vulnerable bid and made =600.
  • Slam bonuses are the same as at Rubber Bridge. So a vulnerable small slam in, say, spades gets the trick score 180 +game bonus 500 + vulnerable slam bonus 750 = 1430.
  • If you play on Trickster it will do all the scoring for you, won’t let you revoke and it even adds up your points!
  • It may be fun to rotate partners after each 4 hands but that is not part of our rules.
  • Only one player per game can qualify for a prize. The score you send in should be the net total of your 3 Chicagos.

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