The Big Give 2022

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During 29 Nov - 6 Dec


The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022 is the perfect opportunity to make a gift to the Charlie Waller Trust. From midday on Tues 29 Nov to midday on Tues 6 Dec, every donation made... will be doubled!
Our aim is £45,000, and your donation will directly support our work with parents and carers. 
We have been talking mental health for 25 years now.
25 years is a long time - time enough for a whole new generation of young people to grow up. Time for huge numbers of new parents to face the challenges or caring for a child struggling with their mental health. This can be very frightening and confusing - many parents and carers don't know where to turn.
We offer expert advice, support and, most importantly, hope. 
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"At the Trust, what we want to be is that expert supporter who will help young people and those who look after them as they transition from school, through to further education, and then on into the workplace."

Richard Waller KC
Chairman, Charlie Waller Trust
A photograph of Richard Waller, Chairman of the Trust.

Talking mental health for 25 years

The Charlie Waller Trust provides mental health training and resources, with a focus on children young people. We work with schools and families, colleges, universities and employers, giving people the confidence and skills to look after their mental health.

Who was Charlie Waller?

Charlie Waller was a strong, kind, popular young man with a great sense of humour and a close, loving family. To the outside world, he had everything to live for. Yet, in 1997, aged 28, Charlie took his own life. He was suffering from depression.

His friends and family were, obviously, devastated. What do you do in the face of such unimaginable tragedy? 

Daring to hope

The Wallers chose to set up the Charlie Waller Trust, daring to hope that they could help prevent other families going through what they had experienced. 

They used every contact they had to find mental health experts to help them in their mission. Fundraising tirelessly, they began sending professional trainers into schools and universities, opening up the conversation about mental wellbeing and reducing stigma.

25 years on

It’s 25 years since the Wallers lost Charlie. The world has moved on and more people now feel able to talk about their mental health.

The Trust has come a long way from its early days operating from the Wallers’ garage. It now helps thousands of young people, parents, carers and teachers look after their mental health.

Charlie still sits at the heart of our story, our vision and our purpose.


The future

Over the last 25 years we have made amazing progress thanks to our brilliant supporters – those who were there at the Trust’s beginnings and the thousands who have joined us along the journey.

But there is much still to do.

We are aiming to be the ‘go to’ place for parents and carers seeking information, support and advice on looking after a child or young person with mental health issues. 

The Big Give is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds to continue our vital work. We would be extremely grateful for any donation you would like to make – and we’re delighted that it will be doubled thanks to the Big Give.

We would love you to consider supporting the Trust at this time.



"Before joining Jenny's group, I felt very alone, isolated and hopeless. Through attending the courses I have learnt so much. The regular carer support group meetings pop up every few weeks and are like a lifeline."

Annie, a parent who attends sessions run by CWT trainer, Jenny Langley
A photograph of the presenter Mark Durden-Smith who is a Trustee at Charlie Waller
"If you can put in a penny... it will be doubled! Think of all the amazing work that could do for people who are struggling and the way we can get that information out there, so people can live happier, better and more fulfilled lives".

Mark Durden-Smith, Nov 2022


Thank you for considering to support the Charlie Waller Trust.

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